Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nauti and Wild Anthology by Lora Leigh and Jaci Burton

Nauti and Wild

Courtesy of Goodreads: 

Two bestselling authors join forces in this pair of new stories of hot men, fast motorcycles, and the women who ride both.

They ride into town straddling 73 cubic inches of throbbing horsepower, and hook up with the kind of women made for high speed handling...

#1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh revisits her sultry Southern landscape with a story of a good girl gone bad. But she's not the only one going down that road...

Jaci Burton, the national bestselling author of Riding Wild and Riding Temptation, lets loose in a story of a hot biker hired to keep an eye on the reckless daughter of a Nevada senator. She's hooked up with a rival biker gang--a dangerous move that makes the wild beauty more vulnerable than she imagined...


I am not normally an anthology person.  The stories tend to be too short which usually means it's difficult to become invested in the characters.  I'm reviewing Nauti and Wild because it rocked my socks off in comparison to what I was expecting!

Let's start with Lora Leigh's story, Nauti Kisses.  This was a short and sweet story about Sierra and John (Rogue's brother). Sierra has had a thing for John for as long as she can remember, and after they have one drunken night in which John remembers only parts of what happened, things really start to move.  Fate brings these two together again a year after their encounter when John is forced to protect Sierra after she is mysteriously attacked. 

Their love seems caring and sometimes innocent.  Even with the length of the novella running about 145 pages, I was able to feel for both characters.  The flow of the story, although fast, was also detailed and interesting.  This was the last of the Nauti books from Ms. Leigh and having only read one other novel in this series, I am adding the rest to my TBR pile today.

Now onto Ms. Jaci Burton's Riding the Edge.  One word summed up this story for me...YUM!  This was my first taste of the Wild Rider series and I was blown away by how much I enjoyed this novella.  Rick Benetti and Ava Vargas are the two people we follow on an interesting ride through Las Vegas.  The story starts with Rick, an undercover federal agent, being assigned to follow Ava, a senators daughter, to discover why she is spending time with a group of bikers called the Hellraisers.  Rick and Ava have an instant connection and I became attached to them very quickly. 

I love a bad boy and Rick definitely fit that persona.  There were definitely some hot hot hot scenes in this story and I am surprised it didn't get an erotica label, but I am totally not complaining.  I enjoyed this story as much as any great romance/erotica full length book, and maybe more.  This is another series I will be adding to my ever growing TBR!

Overall, this anthology was romance packed, light hearted, and fun.  If you are looking for a quick read that will leave you all hot and bothered, this is the one for you!  I give the book four and a half stars!  Now....go pick it up and dive on in! :)


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