Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Welcome to KT’s Korner.  I am so excited to start blogging as it is an entirely new world to me.  My web skills are limited and hopefully I will learn more as I go so please be patient with me and if you have ANY suggestions, do not hesitate to bring them up.  Many of you have either been reading or writing blog posts for some time now and I am open to any and all of your constructive criticism/suggestions. 

Onto the blog itself…my number one goal is to pass along helpful information and recommendations on the three things I love – Reading, Writing, and Running.  It may seem strange to place these things together under one heading but I am going to give it a shot.  Maybe seeing my bumpy path unfold can motivate you to try new things and I hope all of you will introduce me to new and exciting books and/or hobbies.

A little about me…

I didn’t begin to read hardcore until about three years ago when I picked up a little known series called Twilight (tee hee).  Once I devoured it, I moved on to Sookie Stackhouse, which lead to hundreds of other books.  I love romance – anything from Young Adult to Erotica sparks my interest.  A book is an escape for me…reality can be harsh and in your face, but it is nice to take a step into someone else's world for a period of time and engulf yourself in their trials and tribulations.  I still don’t know why it took me so long to become an avid reader, but now that I know how addicting reading can be, I will not look back.

When it comes to writing, I thought I was clueless…heck I still might be but I have drafted up two separate books thus far.  One is a contemporary romance and the other is a paranormal young adult book that could or could not be part of a series…I haven’t decided yet.  In my opinion, neither book is good enough yet to submit for publication but never in my wildest dreams did I think I could sit down and come up with a story that would even be slightly interesting enough to go on for more than 200 pages.  I am continuing with editing and have a goal of at least starting the submission process on one of these books by the end of 2011.

Lastly there is my love for running.  As a teenager I struggled with my weight.  It was always on the forefront of my mind and throughout my 20s I could never keep my weight down for more than a few weeks before giving up and eating like a crazy person.  This lead to lots of yo yo dieting.  I discovered running after I quit smoking in 2006.  I was never a runner, and definitely didn’t imagine myself participating in races.  In 2007 I ran my very first 5k race on Thanksgiving morning.  I quickly found out that races were addicting and the natural high that could come from finishing them was something I would always want to have.  Since this first race I have participated in many 5k’s, 4 miler’s, a 10k, AND the Army 10 miler twice! 

This should give a brief background of where I started and now its time to write the story of where I am going.  I want this blog to be fun and entertaining and I look forward to interacting with everyone.

Thank you to everyone for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know you all! 

Stay tuned for my first review…



  1. Hi, Katie! Trade follows? I'm looking forward to seeing your reviews! :-)

    xoxo Sarah

  2. Lisa...u r awesome ;)

    Sarah...absolutely! Just followed u!!

    Thanks ladies! *muah*


  3. Blog looks great Katie! Congrats! ;)

  4. I need to start running again! My kids make it difficult for me!

    You didn't tell me you started the blog! Well now I'm following :)

  5. Welcome!! Blog looks great so far. We seem to have very similar taste in books! Check out my blog too? Thanks!

    Mickey @ imabookshark.blogspot.com

  6. Just followed Mickey!

    Thanks so much everyone!!! :)