Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nowhereville by Sean Campbell


Courtesy of Goodreads: After his mother's death, sixteen year old Seth Bradley chooses to leave behind his friends, his school, and his entire life within the rusted, broken down space station Ticonderoga. With his sister Jenna in tow, he sets out to join a father he barely knows in the orbital city of Grass Valley, a monument to human achievement floating three hundred miles above the Earth. 

He's never seen the open sky before. Never seen a robot either, until he meets Anne, a strange, quiet shopgirl that no one ever seems too bothered to notice.

Ava Morales is a girl with a mysterious and violent past. The soldiers of the Democratic Republic of Mars sing praises to her name, but to her family she is a terrible secret.

She is considered a terrorist by the Allied Nations of Earth, but to others still, she's nothing more than a troubled teenager, on her way to becoming a permanent resident of the Grass Valley prison system.

When Grass Valley is caught in the crossfire of an all-out war between Earth and Mars, Seth, Jenna and Anne must work together to survive as they find themselves trapped in a world that is literally crumbling around them.

Meanwhile Ava unexpectedly finds herself alone and finally free in a chaotic, hostile city torn apart by conspiracy and fear. A city where, maybe, she has a chance to finally live in peace. A city in ruins, lost to the blackness of space.
A city with secrets all its own.


Let me start by saying I don't read's never been my thing.  It's usually hard to follow and there is too much going on for me to really feel as if I am escaping reality.  Now that I have gotten that out...let me just tell you how much I LOVED this book.  Nowhereville was a surprisingly awesome change of pace from what I normally read.  There was a lot of world building in this story which usually detracts from everything else for me...but it didn't in this case.  The descriptions were so detailed, I was easily able to envision everything was happening from beginning to end. 

The book mainly follows Seth and Jenna (a brother and sister pair) as they integrate into a new world.  Jenna is by far my favorite character...she is sarcastic and has plenty of spunk.  I love her!   Seth is the smart, somewhat awkward guy who has a lot of love for his well as a crush on a robot named Anne. Their interactions were a little curious to me as I kept having to remember that she was a robot and wasn't supposed to have real feelings...but I think there is something more there that could come out later (or at least I hope so).  Another character that might have a lot of future potential is Ava.  She is the focus of a lot of the craziness that occurs in this book, but we haven't learned enough about her yet for me to get a feel for my thoughts on her personality. 

Overall, I really had fun with this story.  It was fast paced and hard to put down.  I read the majority of it in one day because I just had to see what was going to happen next.  The only thing I didn't love 100% would be the was a bit abrupt...but it is part of a new series so I am sure we will learn much more in book two.  I can't wait!  Definitely give it four out of five stars.  Great debut!